Connie Navarro Legal has extensive experience in delivering property law services to a wide array of clients, including local governments.  This includes conveyancing, leasing, easements and acquisition of land (by resumption) and joint ventures. 

Connie Navarro Legal currently provides advice on property transactions and tenure issues to numerous government entities throughout Queensland, as well as to a range of corporate and private clients.

Connie Navarro Legal are experienced in handling transactions that are both straight forward and those that are highly complex.

Connie Navarro Legal advise on proposed arrangements, prepare contacts, and assist throughout the entire process of property transactions.  On a regular basis Connie Navarro Legal are involved in:

  • Acquisition and disposal of Property: freehold, leasehold, personal property.

  • Leases, Subleases, Sub-Sub Leases, Trustee Leases; Licences and other Non-Exclusive Access Arrangements such as Land Access Agreements and Land Access Protocols for a wide array of Property types including facilities leases of property for local government.

  • Preparation of Easements, Covenants and other Dealings.

  • State Land Dealings including:

​Leases: Renewal; Amend Conditions / Lease Purpose; Subleases; Easements; Conversions of Tenure; Reconfiguration.

Roads: Permanent / Temporary Road Closures; Stock Route requirements.

Permits: Permits to Occupy (short and long term) over State Land.

Reserves and DOGIT’s: Land Management Plans, Trustee Leases and Trustee Permits.

Other: New tenures over Unallocated State Land (USL).

  • Registration of Reconfiguration and other Survey Plans.

  • Acquisitions of properties by local government – including by Compulsory Acquisition.

  • Completing the sale of local government owned properties.

  • Valuation of Land and objections thereto.

  • Native Title requirements for conversion of tenure, reconfiguration of leasehold land including Non Claimant Applications, Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUA).

  • Heritage listings – managing, opposing, incorporating heritage into property development.

  • Negotiation of Joint Venture Agreements in relation to land and property developments.

  • Applications for Water Licences to take and use water over the land as a result of downstream flood harvest.


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